Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Adobe Photoshop Color Settings

Adobe Photoshop – Color Settings

In the last time I noticed lots of misconceptions about the Color Management published on the internet. Some of them were even published at some very visible web sites which should definitely not make such mistakes. And then people that know nothing about it are so happy to get some info saying lots of thanks and it really helped me not knowing that what they read is misleading. But basically it’s all quite simple. So. Today I’m going to write about how to set your Photoshop’s Color Settings properly.

The first thing I’m going to do is to show how the Color Settings should look like so you won’t need to read the whole post just to set your Photoshop right. After then I’ll explain all of the important settings that you should know.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo shoot in a quarry at Krk island, Croatia with Lara

Photo shoot in a quarry at Krk island, Croatia with Lara

It was around 5:10 AM and I was still searching for a security guy of the quarry with some beer cans in my hands. I searched his hut and there was no one in. I searched the surrounding. Still nothing. We saw his scooter in front of the hut but there was definitely no one there. We simply didn’t have much time because we were really chasing the sunrise so after about five minutes of intensive search we decided to go on our own and enter the quarry area.

I was very cautious because when I was scouting at this very same location the previous year there was a very tough security guy. He was really pissed off just because I didn’t stop my car exactly at the window of his guardhouse before entering the quarry. But later the locals explained to me that the quarry is a public area so I can bring him some beer and everything will go smoothly.

This was definitely my earliest shoot ever. I usually shoot indoors using strobes where I definitely don’t need to take care of the sun light. But this year I decided to try beach photography which involved shootings using reflectors only. For some years I was watching videos from Sports Illustrated shootings and I noticed they usually use reflectors only. That was definitely something new to me and it looked much easier than traveling and setting up strobes, softboxes, light stands and other equipment.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro for photographers

Microsoft Surface Pro

You probably already heard that Microsoft started selling its Surface Pro tablet on last Saturday. It was a very exciting moment for all of us who were waiting for this device for months. Unfortunately the tablet was sold out within only seven hours after the sale stared. You can now only purchase the 64 GB SSD model.

During this time some reviews were published already. Some were good some were not. What I can see is that some of the reviewers clearly see why this device is good for. But on the other side I have a feeling that some reviewers are lost in their reviews because they simply don’t get the direction from Steve Jobs.

So let me explain where I see the Microsoft Surface Pro in photography

By definition Microsoft Surface Pro is a device with a power of an ultrabook and portability of tablets. Speed tests show none of the ARM processor based tablets (Apple iPad of any generation or any Android tablet) can come close to Surface Pro. It is why I compare it to the latest generation of Apple MacBook Air in this post.

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