Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro for photographers

Microsoft Surface Pro

You probably already heard that Microsoft started selling its Surface Pro tablet on last Saturday. It was a very exciting moment for all of us who were waiting for this device for months. Unfortunately the tablet was sold out within only seven hours after the sale stared. You can now only purchase the 64 GB SSD model.

During this time some reviews were published already. Some were good some were not. What I can see is that some of the reviewers clearly see why this device is good for. But on the other side I have a feeling that some reviewers are lost in their reviews because they simply don’t get the direction from Steve Jobs.

So let me explain where I see the Microsoft Surface Pro in photography

By definition Microsoft Surface Pro is a device with a power of an ultrabook and portability of tablets. Speed tests show none of the ARM processor based tablets (Apple iPad of any generation or any Android tablet) can come close to Surface Pro. It is why I compare it to the latest generation of Apple MacBook Air in this post.

To read more about that please check out my post Microsoft Surface Pro for photographers at my new blog.

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